5 Bad Designs That Invite an Impending Revolution

Women's Jeans Pockets

How do you know Jeans God is a man? Women's jeans pockets. With pockets ridiculously designed to hold no more than a coin each, women’s jeans pockets are a cause for an impending feminist revolution.

Apple’s No Headphone Jack Slot

Is a basic headphone/ earphone jack too much to ask of Apple? It was difficult enough to maintain their charging cable and prevent it from tearing. Now they’re mandating their users’ behavior by not only not giving a basic headphone jack but also not providing a separate jack all together. Its outrageously illogical and to some extinct unethical. Really, where do we draw a line with Apple?

Two-wheeled luggage

An absolute nightmare for over-packers, these suitcases fall over on their tummy at the slightest provocation. They demand to be pulled around by their hind (only) wheels, meaning the user has to drag around these bags, carrying all the weight on their wrist.

Rigid Ice Packs

These ice packs are more ice bricks that honestly do no good for injuries on heads, shoulders, knees or elbows. Their inflexibility is a huge challenge and a person as clumsy as I am is more likely to get hurt because of them than heal. They belong nowhere because their mouths are ceiled off and can only be used to store as completely useless bricks of ice that absolutely do nothing other than sit in my fridge because I bought them.

Bad Electrical Extension

They took a really good design and turned it into a bad one when they made close built sockets on these extensions. They fail to solve their primary purpose — to use multiple sockets at the same time.


These and so many other products could use some amount of empathy — a quality extremely important for designers to possess. Lack of which helped create one of the most infuriating designs in my opinion.



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